Ground Hog

DS3 Display Stand

The Model DS3 Display Stand holds a Two Man power unit and up to three augers. The DS3 provides convenient storage while requiring very little floor space.

The DS3 Display Stand features heavy duty all steel construction and a durable powder coated finish. Works with all Ground Hog C-71-5 and D-5 Two-Man earthdrills and all Ground Hog augers and auger extensions. An especially good way for rental yards to store their earthdrills while displaying the equipment to customers.

Under Construction

Heavy duty all-steel construction

- Durable powder coated finish

- Keeps earthdrill and augers off the floor

- Displays earthdrill to rental customers

- Works with models C-71-5 and older D-5 Two-Man earthdrills

- Holds 3 Ground Hog augers and/or extensions.

C-71-5 Earthdrill



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